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Learn about the Emirates Virtual Group and its story.

Why choose us?

The Emirates Virtual Group is one of the best and fastest growing virtual airlines in industry. Pilots have a chance to fly a variety of planes, including the Airbus a380 and the Boeing 777.

Pilots can also fly all Emirates codeshare flights on planes such as the Boeing 737/Airbus A3XX//Embaere E17X/ATR XXX/ and much more, or they can choose to fly a charter aircraft, such as whatever planes they want to fly.

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Our Team

The people bhind who made Emirates Virtual Group #1, To make What it is today!!! "ALHUMDULILAH".

Thats why #HatersGoneABigHate


Shahmeer Naqvi

Assistant of all Staff & Discord Moderator. And Asst IT
Email: [email protected]

Muhammad Affan Ellahi

Emirates Virtual Group
Email: [email protected]

Jack McCulloch

Director Flight Operation (DFO) & Events Manager
Email: [email protected]

Angelo Romani

Director Social Media (Manager)
Email: [email protected]

Or for more infomation email us at [email protected]

Our Evolution

The story of Emirates Virtual Group.

  • October 2018

    Our Humble Beginnings

    The first plans for Emiartes Virtual were made

  • 25th November 2018

    Emiartes Virtual Group publicly launches

    On this day, registrations opened for the Emirates Virtual Group

  • Our Futher Story

    We are updating our full story here plz check back later and see the whole story of
    The Emirates Virtual Group

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