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Emirates Virtual Group

Great Staff

With the best, cooperative and friendly staff you will ever find, you don't need to worry about landing accuracy, if you make an error during your flight don't worry about it too much. We know what our issues out pilots face, and work to resolve them.

Emirates Virtual Group

Friendly Pilots

Here at Emirates Virtual Group you will enjoy an amazing community of pilots and staff who support each other, laugh and enjoy with each other and solve issues related to simulators or anything else that a pilot needs assistance.

Emirates Virtual Group

Custom System with an up to date database

With the current schedules (bought from a well-known source), provided with the latest fleet, Emirates Virtual pilots enjoy great diversity and realistic routes to optimize their flight simming experience as well as codeshare flights of Emirates Airline and much more. Combined with custom coded system and best interface we are the best choice.

Emirates Virtual Group

Ease of PIREP Filing

Emirates Virtual does not want any of our pilots to be constantly worried about their next pirep, if you are busy or can't fly for more than a month file a Leave Of Absence (LOA) to avoid having your account being marked as inactive. We want our pilots to be relax and fly when they want.

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