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Welcome to the Emirates Virtual Group, A virtual airline for the "Flight Simulator vPilots" as well as "Real pilots to Practice, To Experience the Realism, On such as "X-Plane 11, Prepar3D and MSFS2020/Flight Simulator & So on..." compatible with FSUIPC or offline pilots using EKv Acars.
Or with the upcoming "All New EKv System" very soon Insha'Allah!!!

Learn how to fly with us on your Flight Simulator

Emirates Virtual Group


Earn your wings with the EKv academy and get your offical pilot ratings on Vatsim flying network!
You can also learn how to fly a plane of your choice with our friendly vInstructors on the Flight Simulator.
Only on The Emirates Virtual Group (VA)

Sleek Design

Our new website was made with you in mind! We have created the best user inferface on our custom system, Which you guys can Experience on our very new Upcoming Virtual System Soon.

Clean Code

Our code is as free of bugs as possible, we get rid of them as soon as we find them, As our IT team is 24/7/365 active to serve as best as we can!

Creative Ideas

We are always looking for new, unique features, that are exclusivly available for our amazing pilots. Only on The Emirates Virtual Group

Helpul Community

Our community is always ready to help you if needed. Join our Discord server to converse with an amazing community of vPilots.
as well as, Join our Facebook vPilots group or whatsapp group to keep contacted with us.

Our History

Let us give you a quick look on our History

The Emirates Virtual Group was founded and created on the 25th of November, 2018.
By our Famous Pilot/Founder/CEO : Mr Muhammad Affan Ellahi Shaikh
Since then, we have have over 1600+ vPilots, And over 70000+ Flying Hours & counting...

On our first anniversary, Our CEO announced our new, Custom system, Uniquley made for Emiartes Virtual pilots, And system no one have in Virtual Industry till date, We promise. Coming very soon

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Great feedback by EKv's finest pilots.


UAE0635 | Alexander Vasilliadis

The airline we have here is the best I've ever seen.

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UAE0005 | Ahmed Jamal

I joined this airline when it first began. It was a shaky start but with the management they recruited, I knew this airline would bw succesful. I fly almost every weekend and the flights are amazing. Recently they had a tour event and everything went so smoothly that, it felt like it just bagan and now its over. I wish this airline the best and will stand by it at all times.

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UAE0104 | Kareem Eissa

I almost did more than 5 flights with them, they have the best ACARS system so far including an Emirates sound pack. I do believe they are the best Virtual Airline in the field right now.
I did with them a tour event in which it was extraordinary, they organise their tours with VATSIM, in whice you'll find flights fully covered with ATC.

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